Who we ( www.crimsonnepal.com, www.facebook.com/crimsonhousing ) are ?

It is a pure and professional real estate agency which is legally registered (Registration No: 137973/072/073) in company registrar office of government of Nepal and tax office having its Pan No: 603520011.

What we do ?

It operates all kinds of real estate related works. Helps to find the desired house and land for buyers and to search potential instantly buyer for property sellers within the Nepal.

How can ( www.crimsonnepal.com ) help to sell my property ?

Anyone who has property (constructed house or any readymade land to build a house) can submit their details through our website and crimson housing facebook page  and it will be added in our database immediately and begins to view your data by related and potential buyer as well as seller or by public through the www.crimsonnepal.com.

How much does it cost then ?

There are two ways to advertise your property through our website.